Mobile broadband is a way to access the internet through a mobile phone network. When you join up with a mobile broadband provider you will be provided with a USB dongle or stick which plugs directly into your notebook or lap top and allows you to connect to the network.

Even though it is called mobile broadband, you don’t actually use your mobile phone… You  are just using the network. When you are using mobile broadband, you only pay for the amount of data that you download through your USB dongle on your internet connection.

The great thing about mobile broadband is you don’t need a phone line and you aren’t tied to using your connection in one location. You can use it at home, and then anywhere else you would like, which makes it really handy for anyone who works online or is studying and is often in different locations in need of accessing an internet connection.

Mobile broadband might sound like it would be expensive, but it really isn’t. Especially when you consider you aren’t paying for a phone line or modem or any other piece of software or hardware to initialise your connection. All you need is the USB dongle, which will usually come included when you sign up.

Another excellent feature of mobile broadband is that you can keep connected even when you are travelling overseas. The charges do increase and you will have to check your plan to see if it is possible to hop on a plane and just plug your USB dongle in somewhere else in teh world and get connected.

All of the big Australian telecommunication providers offer mobile broadband and just like regular broadband there is lots of competition, different packages and you have to take your tiem to do a comparison to make sure you are getting the right mobile broadband and usb dongle for you and for your needs.

There are of course disadvantages to using mobile broadband in Australia. Access to mobile broadband in Australia is done by using one of the many mobile phone companies and the connection is created through their network. This means that you will only be able to use your mobile broadband in places where you can get a mobile phone signal.

The other thing is that mobile broadband is still slower than regular broadband. This being said, it is always getting faster with new technology, better systems and better USB dongles. So, even though many fixed line broadband connections will be much faster, your connection via mobile broadband is still good enough to use.

If you want to be able to use your mobile broadband whilst travelling the world then you will need to do some research into roving bundles. These bundles are offered by most of the big name providers and some even offer discounted rates in some countries with their partner network.

It is simple to use mobile broadband; you just have to really do your research to make sure that you are getting all of the features that you want for a price that suits you!