If you are looking at getting mobile internet then you are going to need to get yourself a broadband dongle. But what is it?

A broadband dongle is the USB modem that you plug into your computer to get mobile internet. Previously the term dongle referred to any USB device. But when mobile broadband provider 3 launched the first mobile internet service using the USB device, the term for the broadband dongle was born.

The mobile broadband dongle functions as a portable modem allowing you to connect from anywhere that you can get a mobile phone signal. This not only makes your lap top or notebook completely portable, but it also gives you mobile internet wherever you go. You can even use your broadband dongle overseas whilst you are travelling, you just need to make sure that you get on a mobile internet plan that supports global roaming, but really, the possibilities are endless!

A mobile broadband dongle doesn’t only have to be used with a lap top either. You can also plug in you broadband dongle into the USB port on your desktop computer. There are lots of different reasons to use mobile internet dongles instead of a fixed broadband service or cable internet. If you don’t want to pay for line rental or you move around a lot, then a mobile internet plan would be right for you. Fixed plans are attached to your address and they will only work in your home, there are also often cancellation fees or moving fees if you want to move your plan to a different address. Using mobile internet through a broadband dongle gives you the flexibility to move around whenever you want and use your internet connection anywhere you go.

The broadband dongle is a great device that you can use instead of the bulky WiFi router or modem that will fix you to one place in your home. The broadband dongles are getting slimmer, lighter and more modest every day as the technology advances, it is small enough and light enough to carry around in your pocket.

The broadband dongle will connect any computer or lap top to the internet just by plugging it into the USB port. The broadband dongle then connects to the internet by making a mobile connection with the mobile phone masts, in the same way that your mobile phone works when you are making a call. This means the only way you are limited by your broadband dongle is by mobile signals. Your mobile internet will not work if you are in an area with no mobile reception.

When you are comparing your mobile internet plans you need to figure out where you are going to get your compatible broadband dongle from. Some plans will offer you a dongle with their start up kit; other plans offer you the option of bringing along your own broadband dongle so that you can save a little on extra costs. It is up to you, it depends what suits you best. Make sure that you know the sort of parameters that you want to work around when you are doing your research so that you can compare the right plans and get the right mobile internet service and broadband dongle for you.