Mobile broadband provider Wave C*nnect announced today that it has begun offering a range of popular Toshiba™ laptops that have embedded 3G modems with SIM cards pre-loaded to offer an ‘out-of-the-box’ experience for customers.

The first release units are the Portege™ 830, Portege™ 840 and Portege 850™ with additional hardware in the form of 3G Tablets and a Netbook to follow later in the year. All Portege units have an in-built 3G antenna that surrounds the screen, providing stronger reception over traditional 3G USB Modems.

John Beveridge, CEO of Wave C*nnect said “Embedded – or ‘built-in’ – 3G in notebooks provide a number of significant benefits to customers over the traditional USB dongle products on the market”, noting convenience and cost savings are two benefits in addition to better reception.

“Another key benefit for customers is that even though our data offering is bundled, this does not affect the price of the device: we do not insist on term commitment plans and our data plans are prepaid, so there are no nasty bill surprises”, Beverridge said.

WaveC*nnect overs the mobile broadband service over the Vodafone network as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO).

While Laptops and Netbooks with embedded 3G modems have been around for some time, the take up rates with consumers and the business market appears to have been slow as laptops with these features have been expensive versus those without 3G built-in.