Vodafone confirmed today that it would no longer be taking new customer registrations under its 3 brand, with all new customers coming on as Vodafone customers.

3’s website today sported a notice informing visitors that they were taking the next step after merging with Vodafone as VHA two years ago. At the time of the merger, there was much speculation over which brand would eventually supersede the other. 3’s 3G network always covered a smaller footprint than Vodafone’s with 3 customers previously having to roam onto the Telstra network when out of 3 coverage areas, so from a network perspective, the writing was always on the wall for 3 after the merger.

Vodafone have spent considerable time and money in improving their 3G network after continuous problems plagued the service provider over the last 18 months, which caused 375,000 customers to leave citing poor reception and customer service. The improvements to Vodafone’s network are focused on its new 850Mhz network.

Red Bull also recently announced it would be launching a mobile service as an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) on the Vodafone network and we’re sure many Vodafone customers would be hoping that this move won’t further hinder Vodafone’s network performance with the additional subscribers Red Bull hopes to add.

Current Vodafone customers are not being asked to move across until their contract ends or they wish to upgrade.