One assumption to make of people who have mobile broadband is that they are going to be travelling! So what are the capabilities and restrictions when travelling with mobile broadband? Let’s take a look!

Travelling Around Australia with Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband has some great benefits – but one of the only flaws is that you can’t get it everywhere that you go. This isn’t that unbelievable though – as most phone networks don’t even offer 100 percent Australian coverage.

However, there are differences between mobile broadband providers regarding where you can and can’t connect to mobile broadband when travelling.

All of the major mobile broadband providers offer strong coverage in all of the capital cities and their metropolitan areas. However, once you leave these areas there are some networks that will have coverage and others that will quickly lose connection.

It is generally the cheaper mobile broadband plans that offer the least coverage. For example, Three mobile broadband and Dodo mobile broadband have great value deals – but are not highly suitable for those regularly travelling outside of the metropolitan areas.

Three mobile has recently introduced the ability to use mobile roaming in areas outside of the 3G coverage area. There are additional fees for this however. Other networks also offer mobile roaming as an option.

Telstra has the best network coverage across Australia covering 99 percent of the Australian population. However, expect to pay more for the benefit of additional coverage. If you will only occasionally be heading into regional areas then it may be cheaper to use the mobile roaming option on other networks than Telstra mobile broadband.

Travelling Overseas with Mobile Broadband

Several Australian mobile broadband providers offer the option to get international mobile roaming so that you can stay connected when overseas.

Vodafone, Telstra and Three mobile all offer overseas mobile roaming thanks to connections with other network providers around the world. You can usually access mobile roaming in the most visited destinations such as China, UK and Singapore – but not all countries are covered.

In some cases you will need to activate international mobile roaming with your mobile broadband network prior to travelling. Ensure you have mobile roaming activated before you jet off to avoid disappointment!

Costs of Travelling with Mobile Broadband

Costs for travelling with mobile broadband can differ – and it’s important that you understand the costs involved before you get a shock on your next bill!

Some networks offer overseas mobile broadband roaming bundles which allow you to stay on track of what you are spending on your mobile broadband when overseas. Depending on the strength of their networks overseas the rates will vary. Vodafone for example has very competitive overseas mobile roaming rates and good value mobile roaming bundles.

The cost of mobile roaming overseas will also vary depending on the country that you are in. For example, Three mobile broadband overseas roaming costs vary from as little as $0.50 per Mb in countries such as Austria and the UK up to a whopping $25 per Mb in Vietnam! So you really do want to check the costs before logging on overseas.

Costs of travelling with mobile broadband also varies across Australia. As we mentioned before, some networks have less coverage but do offer mobile roaming at an additional fee. Some networks have included mobile roaming data allowance as part of the monthly fee – so you won’t be left stranded with no connection if you fall out of the standard coverage area.