Telstra’s NextG network offers some of the best coverage and speeds in Australia. With the widest network covering more than 1.9 million square kilometres the NextG network is the most reliable in terms of where you can use your mobile broadband.

With such a wide network 99% of Australians will be able to use Telstra NextG mobile broadband including those who live in rural, remote and coastal communities. If you do live in a remote area, you can contact Telstra NextG directly and find out what options you have where you are and if the NextG network would be right for you.

The NextG network also offers you the added feature of international roaming. This means you can not only use your mobile broadband in most locations throughout Australia, but you can also take your mobile broadband overseas and stay connected with your friends and family whilst on your international adventures.

Keep in mind though, the Telstra NextG network does not cover all overseas countries and locations, you should check with them directly to check which countries are covered, the prices and the speeds that you will have access to when you are travelling.

You should keep in mind though that the Telstra NextG mobile internet is one of the more expensive products on the market for both usage and data allowances and if you aren’t travelling to remote areas it might not be the best deal for you.

You should also be aware that the Telstra mobile internet can be a great deal but there is a difference between using Telstra mobile internet and using a Telstra Smartphone. A Smartphone is a phone that acts as a portable modem which will allow you to access a mobile internet connection, whereas the Telstra mobile broadband dongles offer a slightly different service. The Telstra NextG mobile internet connection is essentially the same but you will find that the big difference comes in price for subscription and usage fees.

Telstra’s NextG network is definitely has the fastest speed out of all of the mobile broadband internet providers in Australia, so you need to figure out what you really need from your mobile broadband provider. If you need it for speed and coverage than Telstra NextG is probably the best way to go, if you drive out through remote areas or your live in a rural area, then you will need something with strong coverage like the NextG network.

But, if you live in the city and you only need your mobile internet to connect in and around the metropolitan area and you aren’t downloading large files, then using one of the other providers who might give you more for your money could be a smarter way to go.

The only way you will be able to find out if the Telstra NextG network is the best option for you will need to compare it with the other mobile internet providers not only on price but also on speed and network coverage, assessing your own needs is necessary to make sure that you are not just getting the best deal on the market – but that you are getting the best deal for you.