We all want fast mobile broadband. Who wouldn’t want to be able to connect quickly to their favourite websites from any location around the globe? Unfortunately many of us suffer in silence with slower connections than we would like. Broadband companies have recently been implicated in advertising greater speeds than we can actually receive, so how can you find out if you’re actually getting the connection that you are paying for?

Fortunately there are many resources in place to help you. One of the best places to start is by performing a broadband speed test on your connection to establish exactly what sort of speed you are receiving. There are many different broadband speed tests available for free on the internet, and some that will charge money for a more detailed diagnostic check on your connection. Simply search in Google for mobile broadband speed test and you will be presented with several options. The majority of these tests will work in a similar way as detailed below, and are designed so as not to negatively affect the performance of your internet or to use up too much of your download limit.

A broadband speed test will work by sending a small amount of data to your computer, and then having your computer send it back. The time taken is measured and allows for the speed of your connection to be measured. Any reputable speed test will inform you of the amount of data to be downloaded so be sure to read through the information provided if you’re worried. Also you should make sure that you use a mobile broadband speed test rather than one for DSL broadband, as this will ensure that not too much information is downloaded.

Once the website has calculated the speed of your connection, you should compare the figures against those that the company supplying your mobile broadband states that you should receive. If you feel that you don’t have fast mobile broadband, but the results are showing that the connection you are receiving is correct, then you might need to contact your provider to increase your contract to a faster connection speed.

If, on the other hand, your connection is nothing like as high as it should be there are several steps that you can take. Firstly you should try the test in different areas of your house, as fast mobile broadband could be received in one area but not in another. Obviously this is easier if you have a laptop computer that you can move around with to find the best signal. If you aren’t seeing much of an improvement then it’s possible that your house is in a low signal area. To correct this you could purchase an external antenna to help to amplify the signal, but you might find it more useful to research different mobile broadband companies, looking for the signal strength within your area.

Fast mobile broadband is no longer a technology of the future, it’s something that can be enjoyed today so why not take a broadband speed test now and see if your connection is up to scratch.