Mobile broadband is becoming one of the most popular ways of ensuring you stay connected wherever in Australia you are. In a similar way to mobile phones, you have the offer of either pre-paid or post-paid contracts for mobile broadband. So which is the best option? We shall take a look at this below.

Both prep-paid and post-paid mobile broadband have their benefits – it largely depends on what you need from it and what commitments you want to make.

How Often Will you Use Your Mobile Broadband?

Many people are unsure of how often they will use their mobile broadband – which is where pre-paid has its advantages. There is no point paying a monthly fee for your mobile broadband if you only plan on using it on an irregular basis – perhaps when you are travelling away from home or as a back-up to your normal internet connection.

Pre-paid mobile broadband gives you the benefit of topping up your mobile internet only when you need it. This saves you wasting money each month on data allowance that you simply won’t use.

However, if you plan on regularly using your mobile broadband – perhaps travelling to work each day or you are a regular traveler interstate – then post paid mobile broadband may be more sorted to you. Post paid mobile broadband can offer you additional benefits and features that you don’t receive on a pre paid mobile broadband plan. We’ll look at these benefits next.

What Can Post Paid offer over Pre Paid Mobile Broadband?

Obviously there needs to be benefits to having a post paid mobile broadband plan or people simply wouldn’t sign up! So what do they offer you as an incentive for post paid mobile broadband?

In most cases, post paid mobile broadband plans offer you more data allowance than their pre paid counterparts. Generally it is around double the monthly allowance for the same price – however it does vary.

Pre-paid mobile broadband plans do not include the USB modem dongle, but instead charge an up-front fee of between $70 and $100 – in a similar way to having to buy the phone on a pre-paid mobile plan.

Many post paid mobile internet plans have the USB modem dongle included within the cost of the plan. However, be aware that some of the lower-end plans will still charge you a monthly fee of around $5 for the modem.

What Can Pre Paid offer over Post Paid Mobile Broadband

The main benefit of pre-paid mobile broadband is that you are not tied down to a contract. Mobile broadband is still relatively new and with technology moving so fast you may be stuck in a 24 month contract and in a few months an even better technology comes along.

Pre-paid mobile broadband gives you much more flexibility and freedom, and is a great choice if you will use varying amounts of data allowance each month. One month you may use your mobile internet every day whereas the next month you may not use it at all – and everything in between.

Essentially the decision depends on your personal situation. Weigh up the pros and cons that we’ve listed here today to establish whether pre-paid mobile broadband or post-paid mobile broadband is the most appropriate choice for you. Happy surfing!