mobile broadband usbThe terms mobile broadband and wireless broadband are flung around on a daily basis these days – but do we all really understand the differences between the two? If not – we shall clear it up now!

Difference between Mobile Broadband and Wireless Broadband

The differences between mobile broadband and wireless broadband are quite simple. Mobile broadband is portable and connects to broadband internet via the 3G network whereas wireless broadband works across a more local area using a Wi-Fi router.

Mobile broadband can accessed through a range of devices. Most modern mobile phones now have the ability to connect to mobile internet wherever they are in a 3G coverage area. There are also mobile internet options that allow you to carry with you a portable USB modem key that you connect to your laptop or PC – enabling you to connect to mobile internet wherever you are.

Wireless broadband is more commonly used in homes, offices and wireless hotspots such as airports and cafes. You connect to the wireless internet through a wireless modem/router that is connected to your telephone line. Any laptop or PC with wireless capabilities is then able to connect to your local wireless network without the need for cables.

Both mobile broadband and wireless broadband have their pros and cons – which we shall discuss below.

Pros and Cons of Mobile Broadband and Wireless Broadband

Like most things, mobile broadband and wireless broadband both have their good and bad points.

Essentially, the benefits will differ depending on your personal needs. Mobile broadband on the whole tends to be more expensive than wireless broadband, so wireless broadband is often a better choice if you don’t plan on taking advantage of the features that mobile broadband can offer you.

Wireless broadband also has the benefit of offering more coverage across Australia. Mobile broadband has limitations as to where you can get onto mobile broadband – often restricted to state capital cities. Some network providers have roaming capabilities that allow you to connect to mobile broadband in more places.

Mobile broadband however does offer a much greater degree of flexibility and freedom for the user. If you have mobile broadband capabilities on your phone then it gives you the ability to connect to mobile broadband on the go. Need to check train times or the latest stock prices? Easy!

For those that have subscribed to a mobile broadband plan you can plug in your USB modem key and connect to the mobile broadband network on almost any laptop or PC. This is fantastic for anyone who travels around Australia regularly or who works out of the office.

Mobile broadband isn’t for everyone. We don’t all need to check emails or update our Facebook whenever we’re away from our desk – and in many cases wireless broadband is more than adequate for our needs.

By having a wireless compatible laptop you are also able to connect to wireless internet in hot spots around the country. Many cafes, libraries and most major airports have a wireless internet network that you can connect to. Some may charge a fee to log on but many are free of charge.