The functionality of the iPad from Apple continues to impress. Threatening the Kindle from Amazon as the best way to read books on mobile devices, and offering easy access to the internet via either wireless broadband plans or mobile data plans are just two of its positives. Despite this, it is the gaming application developers that are working all the hours of the day to develop content for the new device.

The larger screen and better graphics of the iPad in comparison to its little brother, the iPhone, provide a great platform for mobile gaming. And with the ability to download additional games via mobile data plans, the possibilities really are endless. Game developers around the world are voicing their excitement at the new features and functionality that they will be able to add to titles for the iPad.

With more than 150,000 paid and free applications created for the incredibly successful iPhone, it seems likely that the success will continue with the latest device from Apple that will be on sale on April the 3rd in the US, and later in the month of April for the rest of the world.

Other portable gaming devices, such as Sony’s PSP, while providing great gaming experiences with a range of different titles on offer, still boast screen sizes of little more than the iPhone itself. It seems that it is the screen size then that will elevate the levels of gaming enjoyment when it comes to the iTab. What’s more, the ability to connect to wireless broadband plans, or even to use mobile data plans to get online anywhere, opens the door to endless possibilities when it comes to playing games across the internet. With the success of internet gaming networks on consoles such as the Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this is a big positive for the future of mobile gaming.

Of course internet multiplayer won’t be the only option when it comes to playing games with your loved ones using the iTab. Republic of Fun, a creator of many successful iPhone titles, president Mike Resmussen recently voiced his opinion that the iPad is about the right size to place on a table between four people, providing opportunities for many multiplayer modes. As well as online games then, we could also see the old favourite board games appearing for an evening in with the family.

Positive endorsements from around the globe regarding the gaming functionality of the iPad are revealing that the ability to play a variety of games could be a pleasant surprise when it comes to a gadget that was initially assumed to be just a means to connect to the internet via mobile broadband data plans, and to read books. However, with rumours abounding of a new tablet device from Sony, set to play PlayStation games, amongst other functions, we wonder if Apple will dominate this area of the market for long.