The iPad has been eagerly anticipated since Apple first revealed its latest secret weapon to dominate the mobile computing industry just a few months ago. Although some other companies have been creating tablet computers for several years now, it was not until Apple alerted the world to their potential that success for this relatively new area of the market seemed assured. Following the announcement that the iPad will be available for purchase on Saturday the 3rd of April, from 9am in respective time zones around the US, the world waits eagerly to see if the suggested success becomes a reality.

Early indications suggest that the iPad will be another feather in the cap of technology company, Apple. Pre-orders for the device have prompted an announcement on the Apple Store website that any new orders placed will have to wait until either the 12th of April, or late April, depending on the model in question. As Apple struggle to catch up with the demand of orders, the short supply of the different models will inevitably help to stir up more hype for the new technology, such as in the case of the initial short supply of the Nintendo Wii.

Those hitting the high street needn’t worry about too short a supply for sale on Saturday though, with some reports suggesting that as many as several hundred thousand units will be arriving in Apple retail outlets and Best Buy electronics chain stores. The shops will provide potential buyers with the opportunity to get to grips with the device before purchasing, with display models showcasing the best of all that the iPad offers, including the ability to connect to broadband plans. This hands-on experience will help some to feel more comfortable in buying a product of which they have only heard about from Apple.

The eagerly awaited tablet computer, the iPad, will have the ability to play music or video, run games, surf the web via iPad data plans and even display eBooks, potentially posing a threat to Amazon’s Kindle electronic book reader. What’s more, the iPad itself will have access to the many applications that have helped to make the iPhone and iPod Touch a roaring success. The majority of the 150,000 applications on offer can be run on the iPad, but another 12 unique apps especially designed for the tablet will also be available, with more to come in the near future.

At present, the model set to enter stores around the US on the 3rd of April will allow access to broadband plans wirelessly, but not yet via 3G mobile broadband plans. However, with plans for the 3G equipped models to appear on shelves by the end of the same month of April, users will soon be able to enjoy internet on the go with mobile internet.

In Australia, both models of the iPad will be available in late April. Although details of iPad data plans have been slow in their arrival, you can be assured that by this time there will be adequate plans available for access to mobile broadband plans wherever you may be.