Smartphones are big business these days. We love the ability to hop online anywhere in the world with mobile broadband deals, and the many applications designed to make our lives that little bit easier and more enjoyable. Phone makers around the globe have taken note and almost all now offer these intricate designs, such as the leading smartphone maker of Taiwan, High Tech Computer Corp, or HTC. However it seems that in their desperation to keep up with a swiftly moving market, HTC have run into difficulty with the technology giant, Apple, who claim that the Taiwanese company have infringed up to 20 patents of their beloved iPhone.

The particular infringements are said to cover everything from interface technologies, to the hardware used to power the device. If successful, Apple will prevent HTC from selling any models of phone that utilise the patented items within the US; obviously a dramatic hit to the company that is currently creating phones for Google, including the new Nexus One. According to the Taiwanese company, they have only recently heard of the legal action and are currently investigating the claims for themselves.

However even as these investigations proceed, the company have issued statements that would aim to insist on their innocence. Claiming the company to be ‘an innovator in mobile technology’ with many patents of their own, they insist that all patent protection matters are treated with the utmost importance. HTC plan to work closely with the US justice system as they attempt to get to the truth of the matter and ascertain whether Apple are in fact correct regarding the misused patents. With such big contacts on the line, all involved will be hoping the matter is quickly sorted, allowing users to enjoy their smartphones with their mobile broadband deals.

It’s not just new phones allowing access to broadband deals that HTC have created for big retailers like Google. In fact, many of the models that utilise the Android system developed by Google, allowing users access to the internet with some of the best mobile broadband deals, have been created by this same company, so it will certainly be interesting to hear of the findings as and when they arise.

Taking on Apple in a court of law might seem like something of a daunting proposal, considering their strong hold on the market. Since the launch in 2007, Apple has sold more than 40 million iPhones. Even now users scramble to get hold of the latest technology, or even older models as and when they can afford them with the best mobile broadband packages. However, with recent moves in the market such as the launch of the iPad, receiving criticism from some areas of the industry, and the start of a ban of all adult applications from the App Store, Apple as a company seems less the darling of the media compared to what it once was; perhaps opening the doors to different smartphones for users to get online with the best mobile broadband deals.