It seems that there is a new smartphone launched for the mobile broadband enabled devices market every other day! With new features and functionality added at all times, how can you be sure which is the best model for you? Many competitor models seem to be almost identical in specification to their rivals, making it difficult to know exactly what to pay attention to when selecting your smartphone of choice. So let’s address some of the key issues to pay attention to, helping you to find the perfect model.

Battery life

Many smartphones struggle to stay alive for more than one day at a time if used heavily, requiring overnight recharges each and every day. Before purchasing a model that you have your eye on therefore, you should have a quick comparison of its standby and in use battery life with some of the other rival phones.

Access to mobile internet

Are you planning on using your smartphone to access mobile broadband? If so you will need to ensure that the model in question is 3G enabled, allowing for your roaming needs. You should also investigate as to its ability to connect to a wireless network, as this can often be useful in areas where mobile internet coverage is poor.

As well as considering whether your model will connect, you should also look into how it does so. A permanent connection to 3G can be quite draining on the battery, so if you are planning to turn it off and on frequently, your phone must be able to respond to your demands.

GPS services

Should you wish to use your smartphone as a satellite navigation system, or simply to find your current location, you will need to research a model that comes with inbuilt and easy to use GPS services. Investigate exactly what you get with the phone, as a GPS service by itself isn’t particularly useful without software to use with it. You don’t want any unexpected bills for usually quite pricey GPS service applications that you assumed would come as standard.


Other than access to a mobile internet connection, there are other methods of entertainment that may keep you occupied on your smartphone; a decent camera, for example, or the ability to play and manage your music. The best way to ensure that your new smartphone is entertaining enough is simply to look at a few different models, comparing exactly what features they could offer to you.


Perhaps the most important consideration when it comes to choosing the correct smartphone for you is the cost. You won’t pay the same for an iPhone as for a BlackBerry, for example, and with different monthly contracts offering different included smartphones, it is important to calculate exactly what you will be paying for your favourite phone. Make sure that you compare different prices to be sure if those few extra features are really worth the extra expense.