Free Netbooks with Mobile Broadband

If you're looking for a convenient way of getting online for the first time, or if you want mobile broadband but don't have a laptop computer, then you should look for a mobile broadband plan with a Netbook.

Not only do some mobile broadband plans supply you with a Netbook, many now offer it free as part of the contract.

Below we've listed some of the best mobile broadband plans with free Netbooks, so all you have to do is select the plan that suits you best.

Free Netbook Mobile Broadband Plans


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My Wireless Netbook 2GB
$0 upfront
Inc. Samsung N220 or NC10 Netbook
Min total cost $959.76

NETBOOK 24m 1.5Mbps 2GB $39.99

My Wireless Netbook 5GB
$0 upfront
Inc. Acer AS1410 Netbook
Min total cost $1469.76

NETBOOK 24m 1.5Mbps 5GB $59.99

Free Netbooks with Mobile Broadband

There are constantly new and enticing offers coming from Australia’s mobile internet providers – and the latest are free Netbooks with mobile broadband plans. So let’s take a little look at what it’s all about.

About Free Netbooks with Mobile Broadband

A large number of the most popular mobile internet providers are now offering a free Netbook laptop with certain mobile broadband contract plans. This is largely to entice customers to purchase their mobile broadband plans – so take advantage!

In some cases (such as Vodafone) the mobile broadband is inbuilt into the Netbook itself meaning you don’t need to carry around the USB modem key separately – you simply turn on and get connected.

What Types of Free Netbooks are Available with Mobile Broadband Plans?

Different mobile broadband providers will have different free Netbooks on offer with their mobile broadband plans.

Most are very simple Netbooks with limited applications and memory space, which you will obviously need to take into consideration. Free Netbooks are probably not suitable for users who are looking to install large programs or software onto the computer or play games.

There are different brands available depending on the mobile internet provider that you choose. Asus, Dell and Samsung are popular free Netbook brands at the moment.

Always read the specifications of the Netbook prior to signing up for a mobile broadband plan to ensure it will suit your personal needs.

Are Free Netbooks with Mobile Broadband Cost Effective?

If you are looking at getting yourself a new Netbook as well as a mobile broadband plan, then there can be great benefits of taking advantage of a free Netbook with mobile broadband plan.

However, what you always need to remember is that things that are said to be ‘free’ rarely are. You will generally be paying an additional cost for your ‘free’ Netbook, so if you aren’t after a Netbook laptop then you are generally better off choosing a standard mobile broadband plan.

Most mobile broadband providers require that you sign up for a minimum monthly plan to be able to be eligible for the free Netbook, and in many cases this will be a higher priced plan that you were originally after. Over the length of the contract you may end up spending a lot more than it would cost you to buy the Netbook outright.

Several mobile broadband providers actually charge an extra monthly fee for the Netbook, usually around $20 per month over a 24 month contract. This often doesn’t work out to be a much better deal than if you were to buy it independently.

If the monthly data allowance on the mobile broadband is what you are after and you also need a new laptop, then a free Netbook with mobile broadband can work out to be a cost effective option for you.

The best thing to do if you are looking for a free Netbook with mobile broadband is to shop around all of the major providers – either in their retail stores or online. Always read the small print to calculate exactly what you are paying for the Netbook and whether or not it really is as good as it sounds.