There is good news in store for you if you currently utilise Virgin mobile broadband plans or simply have a mobile phone contract with the company. In an attempt to stand out from other Australian telecommunications companies, Virgin is determined to offer real advantages and offers to their customers. The latest surprise rewards for customers are free music gigs and a free gigabyte of data on mobile broadband data plans. Coming as a complete surprise to users of the service, the latest reward scheme from Virgin is likely to persuade them to stay with the company, and even to entice others to join.

The “Surprise Gig Tour” for customers of virgin mobile broadband plans will enable users to have access to a series of free, last-minute gigs in different locations around Australia. Details of upcoming gigs will be announced via Facebook, on the Members’ Lounge page.

On Virgin’s Surprise Gig Tour you can expect to see various artists, taking place at different and unexpected locations in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. The gigs will be running between April and June in 2010. What’s more, exclusive content relating to the gigs will also be available to customers of Virgin mobile broadband plans, including wallpapers, ringtones, videos and more. You may soon find yourself using your free gigabyte of data on the extra goodies made available to you!

If your mobile broadband data plans are post-paid, then you will have the opportunity to access an extra 1GB on your data plan for no added charge for the three months in which the gigs are running. Pre-paid broadband users won’t miss out though, as they will have access to a 1GB recharge for the same three months.

The free gigs and gigabyte of download ventures were launched in Melbourne at a party hosted by Richard Branson himself at Ding Dong Lounge. With a performance from Wolfmother, the night kick started the new initiative successfully.

Virgin executives explained the move by insisting that everyone uses access to mobile broadband data plans differently. Restricting free access to certain websites therefore is not suited to the majority of customers. Offering a free gigabyte of internet access allows users to enjoy the internet however they see fit, be it checking their emails, downloading a ringtone or checking to see where the latest free gig might be.

If you are a Virgin customer and are looking to enjoy the invitation to an assortment of performances, you will need to keep a close eye on the Members’ Lounge Facebook page, specially designed for customers of the Virgin network. It will inform you shortly before the events take place, allowing you to know where to be and at what time to enjoy music from a variety of different performers.