It is easy to assume that the most expensive mobile broadband package will be the best, but this is not always the case. Before you sign up to an expensive contract, you should consider whether you really need to spend as much as you think to receive the mobile internet connection that you desire. Consider the following different elements to a mobile broadband contract to see if you can reduce your costs in any way.


There is no point in having a mobile internet connection if you can never use it. Different companies boast better coverage in different areas, so it may be worth checking their websites to see who can provide you with the best facility for where you live or work. The best coverage will not necessarily be provided by the most expensive provider, so do some research to avoid spending a lot of money for broadband that you can’t use.

Added Extras

Many contracts will offer freebies in an attempt to entice you to signing up for a contract. These freebies could be anything from a mobile broadband dongle to a laptop. It is important to remember that it’s rare for something to be completely free in today’s expensive society, so check to see if your monthly bill will actually be more than you would have paid had you purchased the freebie separately and simply paid for the broadband contract.

Contract Length

The price that you pay per month may well be affected by how long you are prepared to be contracted to a certain company for. 24 month contracts are becoming more common these days, as in a contract of this length you can expect to see your monthly bills reduced. Don’t want to sign up to a contract? Consider a pay as you go mobile broadband solution to save being signed up for a significant period of time.


The mobile broadband speed that you need will depend on the reason that you use it. If you will be doing significant amounts of surfing via your mobile connection you will certainly need it to be quick enough to suffice. However, if you only intend to check your email once every now and then you may be able to make do with a slower connection speed.

Data Limit

Downloading on a mobile broadband network will cost you, so it is important to consider exactly how much you will be downloading before signing up to a contract. If you wish to download songs, movie clips and more then ensure you opt for a large data limit on your contract to avoid being stung with large and unexpected bills. Alternatively, save money by choosing a contract with a smaller data limit if you only require your mobile broadband connection for occasional use.


The cost that different companies will offer for their mobile broadband connections does vary considerably, so ensure you check each of the five above elements to a contract to find the best deal for your individual circumstances. This will help you to keep your costs to a minimum, while still enjoying the mobile broadband connection that you require.