While mobile broadband has really taken off in the past couple of years and continues to grow at an ever increasing rate one of the biggest issues has been known as ‘bill shock’.

Since the services have launched the data limits and inclusions with most mobile broadband plans have become more generous but typically exceed those from standard broadband via a phone line. On plans with small data limits the excess download fees can be outrageously high.

For example, if a plan charges $0.15 per MB for additional downloads then downloading a 750mb movie would cost $112.50 which is clearly a crazy price at $150 per GB.

The EU is especially concerned over data roaming charges which can be far higher again and cost hundreds of dollars per GB and create huge bill shocks. The EU is looking to introduce new rules so providers have to set a monthly charge limit for roaming fees and to send customers a warning before the limit is reached.

Hopefully with increased competition we will see more cheap mobile broadband rates and issues such of this will become less and less of an issue.