Mobile broadband data plans are still a relatively new technology. Users from around the globe are still only just starting to understand the flexibility of access to the internet from anywhere. As such, it’s unsurprising that many myths as to the usage of the best mobile broadband are still circulating. We will aim to dismiss 3 of these myths for you today, helping you to get on board with mobile broadband data plans right now.

Myth 1 – Even the best mobile broadband is too slow to live with

A popular rumour that circulates when it comes to the technicalities of connecting to a mobile internet connection is that of the connection speed appearing ridiculously slow. Too slow even to check your emails or visit a website without an unacceptable wait for a response. The natural assumption is that even the best mobile broadband connections are much slower than home broadband options; however this has never been further from the truth.

While many home broadband companies offer speeds of 5, 10 or even 20Mb broadband, in actuality the average fixed line speed is around the region of 3.5Mb. That’s 1 – 2Mb faster than most mobile broadband speed tests reveal, which is a lot less than most people anticipate.

Myth 2 – Mobile broadband data plans are too expensive

When mobile internet connections were first appearing on the horizon there is no doubt that they were very expensive. However times have changed, and these days contracts for internet that you can take with you wherever you may go are often cheaper than fixed line equivalents.

You will still need to pay attention to your data allowance to ensure that you don’t go over it and incur unexpected bills, but on the whole these contracts are certainly affordable. It is becoming more and more common for households to use only mobile internet, rather than bothering with a fixed line connection at all.

Myth 3 – The download limits are too small for anything useful

If you looked up mobile broadband data plans even just a year ago, you may well have been greeted with download limits in the 256 or perhaps 512Mb a month area. You’d have been right; these limits wouldn’t have been enough for a reasonable amount of downloads. You’d have struggled even in checking your emails and keeping up to date with your favourite websites.

Things are different now though. While there are still plenty of contracts available with a download limit of 1Gb, it is becoming increasingly common to see higher allowances appear. Once we start to enter the region of 5, 6, 7, even up to 10Gbs of downloads, mobile broadband suddenly doesn’t seem like such a bad prospect.

Many of the myths and rumours that circulate regarding mobile internet connections simply aren’t true any longer. With just a little research you can see for yourself just how affordable high quality broadband can be.