Changing to a new mobile broadband internet contract can offer you, the consumer, a range of benefits. Many providers will offer great introductory deals that you could take advantage of, such as free laptops or a reduced rate for the first few months of the contract. But what is the best way to change your contract to another company? This step by step guide will help you to quickly and easily find the best broadband internet deal for you.

Step 1 – check your current contract

In order to easily change your contract from one broadband internet provider to another you must be at the end, or near the end, of your current contract. Dig out the original documents that you were sent or emailed when you first signed up to see exactly how long your contract has left to run, pay particular attention to any notice period that you need to give when you cancel. You will also be able to find information regarding cancelling your contract early should you wish to, though please note that there could be a sizeable fee for doing this that would not make the process worthwhile.

Step 2 – browse for the best deal

Once you know that you can escape your current contract, the next step is to compare broadband plans to find the best plan to suit your needs. Visiting the homepages of broadband internet providers will offer you a range of prices, as will visiting websites that offer you a comparison of the leading packages from the leading providers. Once you have identified a contract that you want and that suits your needs you are free to take out this new contract, though remember that if your current contract insists that you give a month’s notice you might want to wait for a while to save paying two contract fees simultaneously.

Step 3 – cancel your contract

Don’t be surprised if your current broadband internet provider doesn’t try to persuade you to stay, sometimes offering you as good a deal as that which you have found from another provider. If that is the case you might wish to stay with your original provider after all, but don’t feel pressured into it. Remember that if you don’t cancel your contract you will keep paying the monthly fee.

Step 4 – set up your new mobile broadband connection

If your laptop or PC has a mobile broadband data card built in then you will need to check with your new service provider, or your user guide, to ensure that this card will be compatible with your new connection. If, on the other hand, you utilise a 3G dongle to access your internet it is likely that the new company will simply send you a new one to replace the old, either for a small charge or, more commonly, for free. All that you need to do is plug this dongle into your USB drive and follow the on screen instructions.