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Dodo Mobile broadband plans start from just $9.99 per month, and provide you with both a USB dongle and a mobile broadband enabled SIM to get you online wherever you go.

Dodo also offer a range of mobile broadband plans provided with Free Netbooks so that you don't even need to buy a computer to get online.

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Dodo Mobile Broadband Plans


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3GB Data Allowance (cost of 1MB = $0.0067)
Pendo Pad available for an extra $5 per month
Excess data 10c per mb capped at $99 p/m. No set-up fee, 24-month contract. Min total cost: $237.60

TABLET 24m 3.6Mbps 500MB $19.90

1GB DAta Allowance
Free 3g WiFi Router!.
Excess data 10c per mb capped at $99 p/m. No set-up fee, 24-month contract. Min total cost: $237.60

MOBILE 24m 3.6Mbps 500MB $9.90

Dodo Mobile Broadband Plans

Mobile broadband is becoming one of the most popular types of broadband plans in Australia. Mobile broadband plans give you the opportunity to take the internet with you wherever you go.

Dodo is one of Australia’s largest and most popular broadband providers – so let’s take a look at what they can offer in terms of Dodo mobile broadband plans.

What can Dodo Mobile Broadband Plans Offer You?

Using the Optus 3G/HSDPA network, Dodo mobile broadband plans offer great coverage across metropolitan Australia and the wireless modems are compatible with most laptops and computers.

Where Dodo differs from its competitors is in the area it is best known for – great value. Dodo is renowned for its low price on mobile internet plans, and offers one of the best deals available on the Australian market.

So if low prices and metropolitan coverage are top of your requirement list – then take a peek at some of the types of Dodo mobile broadband plans below.

Types of Dodo Mobile Broadband Plans

Everyone has different requirements when looking for mobile internet plans. Perhaps you just want to use it every now and then to check emails when you are out of the office, or maybe you want to use it on a daily basis for all of your internet needs.

Whichever category you land in there is a Dodo mobile internet plan specifically designed for you. There are both monthly and prepaid plans available on Dodo mobile broadband, so you don’t need to make any long-term commitments right away.

Dodo mobile broadband plans range in data allowance amounts from 100 Mb per month (Entry Plan) up to 8000 Mb per month (Rhodium Max plan).

If you choose to commit to a Dodo mobile broadband 24 month contract plan you will receive double the amount of allowance for the same price as you would pay on a no-contract plan.

Prices vary from as little as $4.99 per month and offer fantastic value for money.

One of their most popular mobile internet plans at the moment includes an Asus EeePC laptop with USB modem and monthly Dodo mobile broadband internet allowance for less than $20 per month which is ideal if you want a free netbook package.

This all sounds very good, but what are the pros and cons of Dodo mobile broadband plans?

Pros and Cons of Dodo Mobile Broadband Plans

The main reason why people choose Dodo mobile broadband plans are because of their low cost and great range of mobile internet plans. Their prices are very competitive and you will struggle to find better value elsewhere.

Yes, you will pay less for a Dodo mobile internet plan; however the mobile broadband coverage is not as strong as some of the other more expensive mobile broadband providers. If you travel regularly to areas that are outside of metropolitan regions you may find that you are unable to connect to your Dodo mobile broadband. For example, Dodo mobile broadband plans only have coverage in Greater Hobart – and you will not get a connection elsewhere in Tasmania. Likewise for the Northern Territory – there is only Dodo mobile internet coverage in Greater Darwin.

Always check that the coverage is suitable before signing a contract.

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