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Mobile broadband has revolutionised the way that we think about the internet. Before it, we could only have access to the World Wide Web when sat at a computer at home, or perhaps from a free Wi-Fi connection at a local café. The internet was static, something that we couldn’t pick up and take with […]


For several years it seemed that Apple were unable to put a foot wrong. Bringing out appliance after ultra-popular appliance has kept the technology company at the forefront of the industry, with the iPhone in particular dramatically dominating the smartphone market. The last few weeks have perhaps slightly tarnished the reputation of the previously perfect […]


An eBook provides the ultimate in convenience. No longer do you need to head to the high street to purchase the latest bestseller, or even to wait until it can be delivered to you. Instead you can simply select your title of preference, wait for a couple of minutes and voila, the book is with […]


We have been hearing rumours of the incredible speeds that we could expect to receive from Long Term Evolution (LTS) 4G broadband for some time now, and finally testing from Optus has shown that the claims are not in vain. From the Optus test station in the Sydney suburb Gordon, results were reported of download […]


Mobile broadband provider Wave C*nnect announced today that it has begun offering a range of popular Toshiba™ laptops that have embedded 3G modems with SIM cards pre-loaded to offer an ‘out-of-the-box’ experience for customers. The first release units are the Portege™ 830, Portege™ 840 and Portege 850™ with additional hardware in the form of 3G […]


Optus, Australia’s second largest mobile phone company, today announced it would be upgrading its network from April 2012 in selected locations to 4G mobile technology and is the first mobile company to be granted a trial licence for operating on the 700Mhz spectrum band. Optus will begin to upgrade its existing network from April 2012 […]


Vodafone confirmed today that it would no longer be taking new customer registrations under its 3 brand, with all new customers coming on as Vodafone customers. 3’s website today sported a notice informing visitors that they were taking the next step after merging with Vodafone as VHA two years ago. At the time of the […]


Rumours on the internet suggest that Telstra’s commercial launch of its 4G / LTE (Long Term Evolution) mobile broadband and wireless network later in the year will bring with it a change to its current mobile broadband plans. Suggestions were made, that while the price points would remain the same as current, more data would […]


Amaysim, one of Australia’s latest entrants to the mobile market has launched its mobile broadband plans The plans range from 1GB for $9.90 per month through to 10GB for $99.90 per month. The plans act like prepaid plans in the sense that the data provided in each plan has an expiry data attached to them, […]


The two tablets include the Acer Iconia Tab A500 and the Dell Streak 7. Both tablets run the Honeycomb 3.2 Android operating system and both are available for no upfront cost when you sign-up to a 24-month contract. The Dell Streak is available for no-upfront cost on an Optus $29 mobile broadband plan, which includes […]


Optus this week launched its 4G network and offering in Sydney, Perth and Newcastle and announced services would begin in Melbourne from September 15. Coverage, whilst limited will suit early adopters eager to get themselves onto 4G and enjoy it before the masses start moving across. In Sydney, coverage rungs from Bondi in the east […]


The iPad has been eagerly anticipated since Apple first revealed its latest secret weapon to dominate the mobile computing industry just a few months ago. Although some other companies have been creating tablet computers for several years now, it was not until Apple alerted the world to their potential that success for this relatively new […]


It seems the lure of the ability to take the internet with us on the move has attracted significant amounts of the population. With broadband providers offering increasingly more affordable, reliable and faster mobile internet services, we have seen a continual increase in the uptake of the technology in Australia. And with 4G mobile broadband […]


The increase of popularity of mobile phones, smartphones and other mobile computing devices, have resulted in an increase of the use of this technology by drivers as they are driving. In an attempt to stop this bad habit from becoming any more serious and potentially more dangerous, many different software and gadget companies have been […]


There is good news in store for you if you currently utilise Virgin mobile broadband plans or simply have a mobile phone contract with the company. In an attempt to stand out from other Australian telecommunications companies, Virgin is determined to offer real advantages and offers to their customers. The latest surprise rewards for customers […]


Just fewer than 25% of all people in Australia take advantage of some form of wireless broadband plans. The recent success of mobile broadband, combined with improvements in other wireless internet technology, are factors that have contributed to the number of individuals taking advantage of this method of accessing the internet. With the volume of […]


To much hype and news around the world the Apple iPad was unveiled this week. To reach an eye grabbing price point the entry level WI-FI model will hit the US market at just $499 with Australian prices yet to be announced. With free public wi-fi network access quite limited in Australia the 3G iPad […]


The Apple iPad was announced this week and will begin shipping within a matter of weeks. The iPad which aims to fill a gap in the marketplace between smartphones and laptops will sell with a range of memory size options and the option of a WI-FI only model or with additional 3G functionality to allow […]


If you currently have a mobile broadband contract and are excited about the idea of using it with a 3G Apple iPad once released then you may need to think again. It looks like initially options for iPad 3G mobile broadband providers in Australia and most markets will be limited by the requirement of using […]


We’re all familiar, or at least aware, of the threat of computer viruses on our home PCs. We secure our machines with anti-virus software to shield us from the harm that could corrupt our precious files, or even rob us of sensitive data such as bank details. But what about our mobile phones? Today, with […]


It was without notice that many iPhone developers were told that their applications had been removed from sale to the general public from their mobile data plans. This was following Apple’s decision to remove any adult-themed content from its stores in an attempt to make things more family friendly. It’s a decision that has caused […]


While mobile broadband has really taken off in the past couple of years and continues to grow at an ever increasing rate one of the biggest issues has been known as ‘bill shock’. Since the services have launched the data limits and inclusions with most mobile broadband plans have become more generous but typically exceed those from […]


Smartphones are big business these days. We love the ability to hop online anywhere in the world with mobile broadband deals, and the many applications designed to make our lives that little bit easier and more enjoyable. Phone makers around the globe have taken note and almost all now offer these intricate designs, such as […]


It was in December 2008 that Microsoft first decided to start their quest to break down the barriers between the different smartphone operating systems, by developing an application called Seadragon for the iPhone. It was an app that allowed users to ‘infinitely’ zoom gigapixel-sized images. This was followed in early 2009 with the release of […]


The iPod, the iPhone and now the iPad – all three are products from Apple that have captured the heart and imagination of the general public, to quickly become bestsellers around the globe. Now the well known and loved Japanese electronics company Sony have admitted their desire for a piece of the mobile pie, by […]


Have you ever been travelling to work, enjoying reading the morning paper, browsing on your smartphone through the mobile broadband coverage available, or perhaps just sitting quietly with your thoughts, only to be disturbed by someone speaking particularly loudly on their mobile phone? Those days could be at an end, as new technology displayed by […]


As a parent you wouldn’t be alone in expressing concern over the amount of money spent by children using their mobile phones today. Expensive applications, or even many cheap ones, available for download with mobile broadband data plans and premium rate SMS services that allow the purchase of ringtones, can all cumulate to create enormous […]


Apple’s new tablet computer, the iPad, seems to have hardly left the front pages of technology news websites across the world since the company first mentioned its upcoming release. It wasn’t going to be long before other leading technology companies jumped on the bandwagon, so news that Microsoft, Sony, Dell, HP and others are adding […]


The functionality of the iPad from Apple continues to impress. Threatening the Kindle from Amazon as the best way to read books on mobile devices, and offering easy access to the internet via either wireless broadband plans or mobile data plans are just two of its positives. Despite this, it is the gaming application developers […]


A new mobile phone has been developed by the KDDI Corporation, one of Japan’s leading phone manufacturers, that will allow an individual to monitor the movements of the owner of the phone. Walking, climbing a staircase, even cleaning – a huge range of motion could be monitored from a distance with the help of the […]


It wasn’t long ago that the name Palm was synonymous with success when it came to the mobile device market, with handheld computers that were a must have for gadget lovers. However, since the increase of competition with the incredible popularity of the iPhone, and other great models from BlackBerry and other providers, Palm seems […]


Google employees will soon be visiting the national libraries of both Rome and Florence, but not just to enjoy the literature on display. Their job will be to scan up to one million individual titles as per the agreement reached between Google and the Italian culture ministry this week. The cost of the enormous effort […]


Since Apple announced their latest mobile device, providing access to mobile data plans, acting as an eBook reader and offering the same functionality as a netbook computer, information as to its release has been scarce. The iPad is supposedly set for launch in Australia in late April of this year, but when companies have been […]


Google and China have together been the subject of many recent news headlines. With the country insisting that Google are breaching Chinese law, and the internet company arguing that they’ve put up with Chinese censorship laws when it comes to the content on their search engine for long enough, it seemed that Google would be […]


Mobile broadband offers a realistic alternative to the home broadband connections which were once the only means to access reasonably fast broadband. Now, however, mobile internet offers speeds that are often comparable to the alternative, but with the added advantage of portability thrown in. If one mobile broadband connection can be used to provide internet […]


Many individuals have been hit with enormous and unexpected mobile broadband bills after returning from a holiday to another country. It is often unclearly written into contracts how much it will actually cost to use the internet on a mobile device overseas. That, combined with the ease of access to broadband connections on smartphones today, […]


Australia’s first ever 4G mobile broadband network has been launched in Perth, with plans in place to bring the technology to both Sydney and Melbourne by August of this year. The internet service provider offering the service, Vividwireless, is a subsidiary of Seven Network. Having set an ambitious target to start providing 4G mobile broadband […]


With around 500 million users across the countries and continents of the world, Skype offers free voice over internet protocol, or VoIP, services, allowing you to have phone calls with friends and relatives in any country without the necessity of paying for the privilege. Before the creation of a stable mobile broadband network, this was […]


It must be a company’s worst nightmare. The software developed by Google for use on smartphones, Android, was created to be open source, meaning that companies could tweak it to suit their uses. Now though, the second largest phone operator in China, Unicom, has made the decision to cut the Google search engine from their […]

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