Mobile broadband speed can sometimes be frustratingly slow, particularly if you have been used to fast broadband through a DSL line. While it is, at present anyway, impossible to boost your broadband speed to these levels, there are certainly a variety of methods that you can use to give your connection a bit of a boost. From the free to the expensive, the sensible to the downright weird, hopefully there will be a method here that you can use to give you fast broadband through your mobile device.

Method 1 – move around

Believe it or not, a few feet can make a great difference to your broadband speed. If you are restricted to a PC you might find it more difficult to move your broadband dongle a great distance, but even altering its position fractionally could help. With a laptop you could move more freely to find the area of best reception for your particular vicinity.

This is obviously a free method, but you might get some odd looks wandering around from seat to seat in your local coffee shop as you try to find the best hotspot. You should also note that some areas simply don’t have great, or any, 3G coverage at all in which case moving around won’t help, except in providing some exercise.

Method 2 – purchase an external or clip-on antenna

Many retailers will offer external items that you can buy to help you to attain fast mobile broadband. An external antenna, for example, is one way to drastically increase your broadband speed as it can be affixed to your roof or wall outside of your house. Obviously this is only appropriate if it is your building! Many 3G dongles do boast the ability to connect to such a device, but fitting it and running cables to it certainly won’t be the cheapest option.

Alternatively you could purchase a clip-on antenna which offers a far easier solution, in that it will simply attach to the side of your monitor or laptop screen, boosting your signal and increasing your chances to receive fast broadband. A clip-on antenna can’t boost a signal that isn’t there in the first place, so don’t expect it to work miracles, but it could certainly help to improve your broadband speed.

Method 3 – place your external 3G dongle in a saucepan

You wouldn’t believe that this would actually work, but reports from around the globe show that people that have placed their mobile broadband dongles within a saucepan have seen an increase in their broadband speed. You might get some odd looks in carrying a saucepan around along with your laptop in public, but it’s certainly worth a shot at home.

Don’t settle for a slow broadband speed without at least attempting one, or all, of these methods. Take advantage of the free ideas first before spending any of your hard earned cash, but if these don’t work you might be surprised at the difference that an external antenna could make.