Amaysim, one of Australia’s latest entrants to the mobile market has launched its mobile broadband plans

The plans range from 1GB for $9.90 per month through to 10GB for $99.90 per month. The plans act like prepaid plans in the sense that the data provided in each plan has an expiry data attached to them, ranging from 30 days to 365 days, though the plans are offered as either post-paid or pre-paid and there are no lock-in contracts!

The plans are competitively priced against other competitors and there are hard caps in place with no excess usage fees, which is music to the ears for people who have been the recipients of bill shock with mobile broadband. Customers can purchase additional data blocks if they use their allowance before the end of their expiry period.

Amaysim send usage alerts to customers when they reach 75%, 90% and 100% of their data pack usage.

Its not clear from Amaysim’s website if they offer mobile broadband modems with these services, or if they’re simply BYO (bring your own) plans, targeting customers of other mobile broadband providers who offer less data at the same price points.

The service uses the Optus 3G/HSDPA network to provide customers with access, which is much the same as most resellers of mobile broadband in Australia.

Surprisingly, the neatest feature of these plans is that they can be added to one of Amaysim’s mobile plans to give customers a boost in data which is quite a nice feature.