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3GB Data Allowance (cost of 1MB = $0.0067)
Pendo Pad available for an extra $5 per month
Excess data 10c per mb capped at $99 p/m. No set-up fee, 24-month contract. Min total cost: $237.60

TABLET 24m 3.6Mbps 500MB $19.90

Included USB Modem. Min total cost $228.00

MOBILE 12m 3.6Mbps 1.5GB $19

My Wireless Netbook 2GB
$0 upfront
Inc. Samsung N220 or NC10 Netbook
Min total cost $959.76

NETBOOK 24m 1.5Mbps 2GB $39.99

6GB Mobile Broadband! Free PocketWifi modem included. 24-month contract. Min total cost: $696.00

MOBILE 24m 3Mbps 6GB $29

6GB Mobile Broadband! Free USB modem included. 24-month contract. Min total cost: $696.00

MOBILE 24m 3Mbps 6GB $29

3GB Prepaid Mobile Broadband Free PocketWifi modem included.

MOBILE N/A 3Mbps 3GB $79

Mobile Broadband

An alternative to home broadband is mobile broadband, which allows you to connect your computer to the internet via a mobile phone network. The speeds aren’t as high as ADSL or Cable Broadband, but it has a big advantage that you can take your broadband connection with you wherever you go.

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Mobile Broadband Explained

An increasingly popular alternative to home broadband is mobile broadband, which provides you with a broadband Internet connection via a high speed mobile phone network.

Mobile broadband allows you to connect you computer to the internet using a USB modem or dongle, anywhere with 3G mobile coverage. The big advantage of mobile broadband plans is that you are not restricted to using the internet at home but can take it with you wherever you go and connect to the internet using laptop or table computer.

If you don’t have a laptop, you can still connect your desktop PC computer to mobile broadband using the provided USB modem or dongle and can therefore be a good choice if you don’t want to pay for a landline telephone connection.

In fact, some mobile broadband plans come with a free laptop so that you can make full use of its benefits.

Hassle Free Broadband

As well as the benefits of not requiring a landline, mobile broadband plans are easy to set up, with no need to install a home network or router. After ordering your mobile broadband plan you’ll be sent to your USB mobile or dongle with the software preinstalled.

Simply plug it in to your laptop or desktop PC and you’ll be online within minutes.

Compare Mobile Broadband Plans

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Home Broadband Plans

If mobile broadband isn’t’ exactly what you’re looking for, you’ll almost certainly find the perfect broadband plan for you in our home broadband section, where you can compare home broadband plans from Australia’s leading ADSL, Cable and Naked Broadband Providers.

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